Civil Liberties and Public Interest Attorney

The Constitution matters.

‚ÄčThe proliferation of rules and regulations by the legislature, cities, counties, and administrative boards and agencies, has posed an ever-increasing threat to individual rights and liberties.

This steady increase in rules has brought with it an overreach of authority by governments, whether deliberate or accidental.  It has also brought confusion on the part of both the citizens AND the officials who are tasked with carrying out these rules.  It's not always the case that city or county officials intend to disregard the voices of the voters.  But this is a necessary consequence. 

TOO OFTEN, the right of citizens to bring redress under the Minnesota Constitution and municipal charters is ignored.  A healthy democracy depends on the free exercise of civil rights, ESPECIALLY WHEN IT IS INCONVENIENT for government officials.

I have a proven history of fighting for the right of voters to be heard before city councils, and standing up for those who have felt bullied by indifferent or hostile government bodies.

If you find yourself, your company, your neighborhood, or your group at odds with your city council, a county board, municipal authorities, or an administrative agency...

I CAN HELP.       

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