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Appellate Practice

Your case is over in District Court, but something doesn't seem right...


An appeal in Minnesota means taking your case out of the hands of a District Court Judge and presenting it to a panel of judges at the Minnesota Court of Appeals.  While the courts have removed barriers to handling one's own appeal, it is still a complicated process fraught with pitfalls.  It is highly advisable to hire an attorney to help.

I have argued before the Court of Appeals in both civil and criminal cases, as well as the Minnesota Supreme Court.  Effective appellate practice requires making your client's case clearly and concisely through briefing, and then reinforcing it through oral argument.  Unlike matters before District Courts, the record is closed and all the evidence has been entered.

I truly enjoy appellate practice and have demonstrated success before the higher courts.  If you feel that a mistake was made in your case and you wish to explore your options at the appellate level...